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The Risks of Oral Piercings | Dentist San Juan Capistrano

Is Your Child Wanting a Tongue Piercing?

Young adults and teenagers these days get piercings more often than before becoming a common procedure. All piercings can cause uneasiness and risks, and oral piercings are becoming a huge concern for dentists around the world. These piercings are located on the tongue, cheeks, and lips.

Oral piercings can cause harm to your body and are not worth it to be part of a trend that is dangerous.

Right after getting an oral piercing, people have to adjust to a more difficult way of speaking, swallowing, and chewing. Swelling, soreness, and an increased amount of saliva are other drawbacks to oral piercings.

Oral piercings can cause many more health risks than the ones we have just stated. Some risks are:

  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Scar Tissue
  • Injured Gums
  • Trouble in Breathing
  • Blood Poisoning or clots
  • Brain abscess
  • Permanent Nerve Disorders/Damage
  • General Infection
  • Continuous Bleeding

These issues can arise either during the operation, right after it, or even further down the road. Some minor risks can erupt into something worse. Damagin nerves on the tongue during the procedure can cause numbness of the tongue and it can be either for a short term or permanent. The movement of your mouth and your ability to taste food can be severely changed after the operation.

Because your mouth constantly has an abundance of bacteria in it, an infection can become a great problem. Mistreating and ignoring an infection can become fatal. Some bacteria can travel to your heart and can result in inflamed valves in your heart bringing the possibility of death much closer with an infection.

Oral piercings in general are harmful for your body and overall health. Are they worth the risks?


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